AKTEK hydroponics vertical barrel :

Grow Systems provide the perfect environment for growing your hydroponic plants and make your gardening easier .with the AKTEK vetical barrel system which works to minimize water loss and the automatic system allows the gardener to relax with the assurance of healthy plant growth,
Advantages of Vertical Hydroponics:

Compact & Space Saving Design

This is one of the main reasons why many experts are touting vertical gardening as the future of food production. You can grow more produce even in small indoor spaces, making this ideal for urban farming.

Does not require soil:

This is, of course, a general advantage enjoyed by all hydroponics systems. But soilless growth is especially suited for a vertical system.

Lack of soil minimizes the growth of weeds or pests. It also makes vertical hydroponics the lightest and most practical form of vertical gardening.

Efficiency & Productivity:

With these systems, in the surface space required for one plant, you can grow at least 3-4, if not more. High growth can be achieved by using the right nutrient mix and proper lighting.

Minimal Wastage & Maintenance

Vertical hydroponic towers typically have a closed nutrient+water flow system. There is no runoff as the water keeps circulating.

This removes wastage of precious resources and nutrients. The whole process can also be automated to reduce maintenance.